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The Story of Aurnie & Co. London

Aurnie & Co. London is a small business run by me Indrani Pal - a mum of two beautiful, mischievous and kind hearted children.

I was passionate about fashion since my childhood. Revamping my own clothes were one of my favourite part of the creativity. The passion later led to my education and as my profession. I have worked for fashion industry almost two decades, I was fortunate enough to gather knowledge about the industry from design through production stages.

Starting my own clothing-line was a dream until I have started making clothes for my children alongside working full time for well-known high-street retailers. The process of making clothes used to give me immense pleasure after a long day at work, I used to find solace within the chaotic surroundings. Looking at a finished product used to give another level of happiness.

Aurnie & Co. London is an expression of my dream about making handmade clothes for kids through practicing sustainability.


Our styles are casual to formal, modern silhouettes with a little touch of vintage elements. The products we have in our current collections are Tops, Dresses, Playsuits, Skirts etc. for girls. For accessories, we have Hats, Hair Accessories & Bags for Girls.

We have started our journey with a small collection for summer 2021 which we had good response. Each and every style is designed and made in London, keeping all aspects of sustainability in mind. The materials we are using are organic, fabric made with natural fibres, using botanical dyes, prints using low water consumption and water based , certified by GOTS, Oeko-Tex & WRAP. The trims & packaging are all eco-friendly. We follow fair trade policy for all our suppliers from all around the globe as well as trying to source locally.

Our aim and the vision is to provide each customer a modern clothing range without compromising our environment. This way each customer can become a part of our journey to make the planet a better place to live for our future generation which concludes to our slogan...  


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